Ross Chapman – July 2024 Speaker

Ross Chapman is married to a relentless city builder, Candace Chapman, and is the father of three sons. They live in Denver, CO and love the adventures of the Front Range. Their work and families have given them a chance to experience the joys and challenges of living in cities, including Chicago, Charlotte, and Evansville. He is the co-author of Faithful Work: In the Daily Grind with God and for Others.

Currently, Ross serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Denver Institute for Faith & Work, an educational nonprofit that prepares people to serve God and others in their daily work so that workplaces and cities are transformed.

He is the founder and formerly served as the President and Executive Director of For Evansville, an intermediary, movement-based entrepreneurial organization committed to cultivating collaboration among churches and community leaders for human flourishing. In For Evansville’s efforts to inspire empathy, he became the Executive Producer for short films that encourage love and compassion toward neighbors through For Evansville Films (previously known as Left Turn Productions). Three of the films won an Emmy. In Charlotte, Ross was the Executive Director of CHARLOTTE/ONE, which gave him the opportunity to work alongside 50+ church partners from different theological, ethnic, and economic backgrounds to help Millennials find community and purpose.

He has a Doctor of Ministry in Faith, Work, Economics, and Vocation at Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA). He earned a Master of Divinity with a focus in Preaching and Teaching from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Chicago, IL) and a Bachelor of Arts from Taylor University in Business Management and Christian Educational Ministries.


Trevor Wicken – June 2024 Speaker

Trevor is a Movement Neurology Specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Biomechanical Analysis. He has every certification imaginable from medical exercise specialist, neuro-centric movement specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and strength and conditioning specialist. He calls himself a Neuro-Nerd and obsesses over studying neurology, kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.

Trevor has worked on clients ranging from 9 years old to 97 years old and his deepest passion lies in working with clients with neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke Recovery, Total Brain Injuries, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

After a 20-year career in brick and mortar, (including owning his own medical fitness center) Trevor decided to take his expertise online. Since doing so, The MS GYM has become the largest online resource for MS-specific exercises with more than 80,000 followers on social media (YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram).

In addition, he is a widely sought after speaker and educator, husband, father, and seminary student. Join us as Trevor shares from his wealth of knowledge and experience what it looks like to share and spread the Gospel through a secular business.


Gina Marie Harris – May 2024 Speaker

Through Gina’s unique personal story, she shares how to Radiate in your personal life and your professional career, even in the most adverse circumstances. Gina will share how you can build true success by embracing your identity in Christ and surrendering everything so you can truly RADIATE! the Glory of God.
After a 25-year nonprofit career, with 16 years as a CEO, Gina is now a consultant and entrepreneur. Her business Cheer Coach Academy has served more than 20,000 cheer coaches around the world. As a sought after national speaker, Gina has shared her experiences in dozens of national media outlets including The Huffington Post, The LA Times, People Magazine and many more. She is a seven-time State Championship cheer coach and choreographer. She loves Colorado as a 6th generation native and enjoys the outdoors with her husband Rob, her son RJ and their spunky 12-year old puppy Lily.


Mary Grothe – April 2024 Speaker

Join Mary Grothe, a 3x Founder CEO turned CRO, as she shares the journey of embracing the sacredness of work after years of questioning her marketplace talents and fighting the demonic and sinful nature of over-achievement, striving, burnout, and worshipping of titles, money, and recognition.
Mary’s journey has not been ordinary. At 22, Mary began her sales career with a Fortune 1000 payroll company, quickly advancing from an admin to the top sales representative, selling millions in revenue. This marked a turning point in her life, enabling her to break free from a traumatic, abusive, and impoverished upbringing.

Mary founded her first company at 28 and helped scale 36 startup companies over 3 years. To the outside world, she had it all. But her work-hard, play-hard lifestyle led her to drive straight into her neighbor’s front porch after a night of drinking. This rock-bottom wake-up call led her to Christ, her husband, and a return to her former payroll sales role with the opportunity to rebuild her career.

After three successful years, she left and founded her second company, where she and her team helped over 100 companies scale revenue. In January 2023, after five years of business ownership, she successfully sold her company and is now the Chief Revenue Officer at PNI·HCM.


Kristin Rapert – March 2024 Speaker

Kristin Rapert is a devoted Christian, wife, and mother, taking joy in her role as a guiding light
for her family of seven. With a deep reverence for faith, creativity, nature, and connection,
Kristin infuses these values into every aspect of her life.
As the founder and owner of Idyll Agency, Kristin brings over a decade of expertise in strategy
and consulting, specializing in marketing and business development. Her clientele ranges from
solo-preneurs to global corporations, all benefiting from her tailored approach and unwavering
commitment to excellence.
Kristin also serves as the president of the C-Suite for Christ Denver Chapter, where she brings
fellow Christian professionals together to integrate their faith into their leadership roles. Her
dedication to her family, her clients, and her community exemplifies her belief in servant


Tommy Vento – February Speaker

Tommy Vento

Tommy Vento

Tommy Vento is an ACC Certified Executive Coach. He attended an ICF accredited coaching school that is rooted in Neuroscience Research, offering practical techniques based on years of data. As a coach and thought partner, Tommy has a gift for helping clients uncover the root of the issue and co-creating an action plan which produces tangible results. He has worked with a wide spectrum of high achievers, including C-Suite Executives, Professional Athletes, Physicians, Corporate Managers & Directors, Actors, Teachers, and Rocket Engineers. He is a firm believer that behavior modification alone is a surface level solution, and won’t produce our desired life; through transformation and mindset shifts, we improve not only our effectiveness as a leader and difference maker, but also our experience of the journey.

Formerly a Sales Executive, Real Estate Syndicator, and Consultant, his diverse and direct experience with all manners of leadership and teamwork will help you get the most out of your coaching engagement. Tommy had success through his early academic, athletic, and professional life, and has both a keen understanding of high achievers as well as a desire to help them exceed even their loftiest goals – and as someone who burned out based on the habits & mindsets he used to employ, he has a way of delivering the tools and techniques necessary to maximize your impact while greatly improving your overall experience. His style is bold yet full of empathy, honest while being very encouraging.

Tommy was a quarterback at Michigan State University from 2011-2015, and part of the winningest senior class in program history. He was a member of the 2013 Rose Bowl, 2014 Cotton Bowl, and 2015 College Football Playoff teams, as well as the 2013 & 2015 Big Ten Championship teams. He went on to play professionally in France, leading his team to an undefeated National Championship season. Prior to this, he was a State Champion & All-State quarterback in High School, and winner of the Mr. Football award for the state of Michigan.

He lives in Colorado and is a lifelong learner, who enjoys skiing, biking, reading, movies, and time with family.


Lorie Smith – January Speaker

Lorie Smith

Lorie SmithLorie Smith is an artist and owner of 303 Creative in Denver, Colorado, where she specializes in custom graphic and website design. Lorie left the corporate design world to start her own art studio so she could promote causes close to her heart and consistent with her beliefs. She always decides which projects to design based on what message is requested, never who is requesting. She was excited to expand her portfolio to create custom websites that celebrate God’s design for marriage, but Colorado made it clear she was not welcome in that space. After realizing Colorado was censoring her speech and misusing its law to force her to create custom designs that violated her beliefs, Lorie challenged the law to protect her freedom and the freedom of all Americans. In June 2023, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that free speech is for everyone and that the First Amendment prohibits the government from forcing Americans to say something they don’t believe. Join us to hear Lorie’s impactful story from her salvation, through a seven year journey to a supreme court victory, in partnership with special guest, Kellie Fiedorek, Sr. Legal Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. Kellie is excited to share the precedent that Lorie’s case and victory sets for business owners and executives in Colorado. 

Alliance Defending Freedom