Mary Grothe – April 2024 Speaker

Join Mary Grothe, a 3x Founder CEO turned CRO, as she shares the journey of embracing the sacredness of work after years of questioning her marketplace talents and fighting the demonic and sinful nature of over-achievement, striving, burnout, and worshipping of titles, money, and recognition.
Mary’s journey has not been ordinary. At 22, Mary began her sales career with a Fortune 1000 payroll company, quickly advancing from an admin to the top sales representative, selling millions in revenue. This marked a turning point in her life, enabling her to break free from a traumatic, abusive, and impoverished upbringing.

Mary founded her first company at 28 and helped scale 36 startup companies over 3 years. To the outside world, she had it all. But her work-hard, play-hard lifestyle led her to drive straight into her neighbor’s front porch after a night of drinking. This rock-bottom wake-up call led her to Christ, her husband, and a return to her former payroll sales role with the opportunity to rebuild her career.

After three successful years, she left and founded her second company, where she and her team helped over 100 companies scale revenue. In January 2023, after five years of business ownership, she successfully sold her company and is now the Chief Revenue Officer at PNI·HCM.


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