Put God to the Test? Yes, by All Means!

“God intends to give us what we need, not what we now think we want.” – C.S. Lewis

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks economic and social destruction, the costs on a human level add up like a calculator stuck in overdrive.

Millions are experiencing a profound sense of loss. Valued intangibles have been ripped away from our existence, including many connected with personal identity: jobs. Daily routines. Lifestyles. The simple ability to interact closely with friends and loved ones.

Anxiety, stress and fear pile up … at a moment when far too many have time on their hands, allowing them to manifest.
As suggested in a recent post, the time is ideal to try something new: Embrace Christ. He’s willing. He’s open. He wants a personal relationship. You won’t look back.

He’s ready. Are you?

So many things of this world have been taken away. Maybe it’s time to dive into those not of this world.

Myriad elements of life that previously sated us are gone. We can’t turn to them for solace, to prop us up when the chips are down.

Oh sure, temporary escapes exist. Alcohol sales have shot up. A few stiff belts can dull the world’s increasingly rough edges. Dull them too much, and the next day’s hangover will define “regret.”

Yet, isn’t it ironic that liquor and marijuana stores are deemed “essential” in most states … while church gatherings are not? And pastors are arrested for ministering to their congregations in a time of desperate need for so many people?

The world seems to be turning upside down. You’ve heard our call to turn to Christ … but maybe you just need additional proof. You know, what’s in it for you.

OK, then. Put God to the test. Seriously. He’s up to it.

Come up with a request – not for a million dollars, or a new Ferrari, or a monolithic mansion. Consider a life situation you’re facing: a challenged relationship. Fading hope and optimism. An ill loved one. Fear about what lies ahead.

Ask God for help. Pray earnestly and often. Be vulnerable. Put yourself at His mercy.

Don’t expect God to grant your request immediately. His sense of time isn’t ours. Nor is His sense of possibility … which far, far exceeds our comprehension.

“Well,” you might be saying, “this just isn’t logical!” Perhaps, but in a society upended by a virus, what is?

So, try something you maybe wouldn’t do otherwise. Read a Bible. Pray daily. Attend church (virtually, at least for the time being).

You’ll discover that God has a long history of helping those who trust him. Consider David, the second king of Israel. He rose from humble beginnings. Slayed the giant Goliath with a small stone. Ruled Israel with a renowned sense of wisdom and fairness.

Or Daniel, facing down ferocious beasts for the crime of praying to God. Or Job, who had everything taken away, yet never wavered in his faith.

God sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to die in this world so that we could be redeemed. Is there any greater evidence that He’s monumentally, completely committed to forming meaningful relationships with us?

God wants us to know Him. He grants us grace. We don’t earn our way into heaven. We accept it.

By all means: Put God to the test. We’re not here to say “We told you so.” Just know that, when you’re ready, we’ll be ready to welcome you into the fellowship of Jesus Christ. We promise it will surpass any you’ve ever known.

(If you’re ready to embrace Christ, He’s ready for you. Visit C Suite for Christ to join in Christ-centered fellowship with other professionals. Submit a prayer request for a pressing need in your life. Participate in a virtual prayer session to ask God to be with those who have submitted requests. Follow C Suite for Christ on LinkedIn and Facebook. Questions? Contact Paul M. Neuberger at (414) 313-8338 or pneuberger@csuiteforchrist.com.)

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